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Our services

The VNHS EastSide Dental Clinic operates on a walk-in basis. Our services are emphasized on people living in eastside Vancouver, Aboriginal and non Aboriginal people, people on disability and income assistance. The treatments offered are mainly prescriptions, extractions and any other "emergency treatments" needed for the patients. Other treatments like: crowns, bridges, root canals and dental fillings "are not considered emergencies" and therefore are not part of our emergency treatments and are referred to a private office.

In very few cases, our office is able to provide dental fillings and root canals but these treatments are based on our Dentist availability and granted only to people under our criteria. 

Due to our limited staff and volunteers, our clinic is not able to treat all dental emergencies. Some treatments will be referred to a specialist or VGH.   


Financial Policy: Although we are Non-Profit, we are not legally considered free, as we collect from Status or Ministry and Immigration Dental Plans and we are accepting donations from patients who are willing to donate. 


* Donations: Donations are NOT mandatory, however, they are a way to help us to provide a high standard of care in our facility.  

* Welfare: It should be noted that we treat patients on welfare who are turned away from other clinics once their limit runs out, or who cannot afford to be seen elsewhere where they are asked to pay the difference between the College Fee Schedule and the Ministry fee schedule.  

* Patient screening process based on:

 -  Canadian triage & Acuity Scale (CTAS) is a tool that enables Emergency Department Nurse/coordinators to: Triage patients according to the type and severity of the presenting signs and symptoms and ensures that the sickest patients are seen first  when capacity has been exceeded and to ensure that a patient's need for care is reassessed while in the Emergency Department.  

 -  Pain Priority Clinic:  the patients will be assessed and will be seen based on the urgency of the visit. 


Patient's responsibilities:    

- Proof of ID:  proof of ID will be required for clinic purposes. Please make sure that you bring your care card number or status number to your visit. 

 - Waiting time: we are not able to provide an exact treatment time for each patient. It is the patient responsibility to plan his/her day according to his/her needs. 

 - Medically Compromised Patients: may be refused without a full medical history including medications and written or verbal consent from their doctor.


 - Treatment completion: The patient is responsible for finishing any work we have begun. Our services are based on emergency treatments and therefore the patient needs to look for further treatment that is not provided in our office. 

  - Patient Expectations: Out of consideration for the emergency needs of others, we would like to request that you keep your expectations to just one tooth area per visit please. 

  - Bicycle storage:  it is the patient's responsibility to locked his/her bike on the street. Our facility is NOT ABLE TO PROVIDE any storage space for it. 

* Non Treatment: The clinic staff and dentists reserve the right not to treat anyone for any reason.  We do not accept: "Treatment Plans" from other dentists, nor do we provide treatment plans or consultations for a second opinion.  We do not provide: Orthodontic treatment, fully impacted 3rd Molar treatment, cosmetic dentistry, crown & bridges, implants, dentures.  

* Waiver and Indemnity Agreement: Patients are required to sign a waiver, release and indemnity agreement to waive any and all claims against the clinic or its officers, directors, agents, dentists, volunteers, officials, employees from any and all liability, loss, damage, expense, injury due to any cause whatsoever, including, without limitation:  

* Complaints: Should be directed to our Dental Office Manager. If a situation cannot be resolved, it will be referred to the Society administration for review.  

* Treatments provided:

 - Hygiene Days: You will need to see one of our Dentists if your cleaning was done more than 12 months ago.  This service is by appointment and provided only to the patients in our criteria.

  Impacted Wisdom teeth OR 3rd Molar Extractions: some cases can be done at the office. There are few cases that a referral to VGH or a specialist will be needed. Please make sure that we have your contact information to process the referral. 

  - Open and Drain: Please be informed, we are under no obligation to complete root canal treatments as we generally do not have the availability of volunteers to dedicate the time it takes to complete a root canal. We would ask that you please consider carefully the financial commitment required to complete the root canal treatment in a mainstream clinic before agreeing to save the tooth.