Phil Bouvier Family Childcare Centre
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The Family Centre is an integral part of the Indigenous Community in Vancouver, where the doors are always open for all families living in the community.

Our Early Years facility hosts several programs and services which serve the families of Greater Vancouver.  All children and families are welcome. Please come visit us!

All programs operate year round, Monday to Friday.


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The Phil Bouvier Family Centre, completed in 2008 with the support of generous Central City Foundation donors and operated by Vancouver Native Health Society, is a uniquely valuable integrated family service hub in the inner city that operates one of only two Indigenous focused childcare education programs in Vancouver. The Centre offers a holistic approach incorporating not only culture, traditions, and language, but respects each child as an individual, removes invisibility, and provides unique supports required to meet children where they are at.

The centre has revolutionized early education in the inner-city by bringing children of different backgrounds together in an Indigenous focused early education model. This model creates a unique environment where both Indigenous and non-Indigenous babies, toddlers, and children are culturally supported in a hub environment. Barriers to service are removed by providing a range of programs.

The following programs are run out of the Phil Bouvier Centre:

Aboriginal Supported Early Childhood Development

Aboriginal Infant Development Program

Building Blocks

BC Childcare Award of Excellence

On May 27th, 2011, the Phil Bouvier Family Centre was the recipient of a BC Childcare Award of Excellence in a ceremony that the Honourable Mary McNeil, Minister of Children and Family Development, called a "chance to honour BC child care professionals who have demonstrated outstanding service to children and families.”  Watch more about the award.

The award is important as it distinguishes the Phil Bouvier Family Centre as a remarkable space. In a neighbourhood that faces many challenges, the centre is a shining star that cultivates strong, socially aware children who will arrive in grade one knowledgeable about their community, armed with respect for diversity, and bolstered by abundant self esteem. The understanding and support that they take away from the centre will impact their families, school, and our whole community for years to come.


Phil Bouvier Family Centre
717 Princess Ave
Vancouver, BC V6A 3E4
Telephone: 604.254.1001