Stephanie & John Friesen
Abbott Laboratories Limited 
Ms. Carol Givton
Austin Gourmet Catering
Mrs. Brian & Linda Greenwood
Ms. Patricia & Robin Bishop 
Ms. Doreen Littlejohn
Bristol-Myers Squibb 
Bud and Dotty Kanke
Joe Fortes Seafood and Chop House
Goldfish Pacific Kitchen
Salt lick Foundation
Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi 
Foundation Canada
Ms. Helen O’Neil
The Dan O’Neill Memorial Fund
Carnegie Centre 
Pfizer Canada
Devon Knight Events
Discovery Organics 
Rain Boutique and Salon
Dr. Sammy and Amber Chan 
Ms. Shirley & Dale Rasmussen
Gilead Sciences, Inc. 
Ms. Gloria Rodriguez
Mr. Stanley Cassin 
Ms. Laurie Robertson
GlaxoSmithKline in Partnership with Shire BioChem
St. Paul’s Charity Fund
Henie and Ernest Co. 
Hoffmann-La Roche 
Mr. Alex and Betty Tam
Ms. Christine Cochrane 
The Paul Vigna Memorial Fund
Mrs. Darmohry 
Dr. Ralph Vigna
Mrs. Lenora Glover 
David & Sandra Williams

At The Kitchen Table Foundation