The Supported Child Development Program (SCDP) is a community-based program that assists families of children with extra support needs to access inclusive child care that meets family needs. The program is intended to serve children from birth to 12, with services for youth 13 -19 years available in some communities.

SCDP operates under the principles of inclusion and family-centered practices and uses a multi-disciplinary team approach. Parents may self-refer, or with parent consent, referral may come from other community service providers.

The heart of Supported Child Development is the philosophy of inclusion. Our motto is "Every Child Belongs”. We believe that children and youth of diverse abilities have a right to participate in a full range of child care opportunities with their peers.

Inclusion means:

  • All children are welcome and valued
  • All activities of playing. learning, and growing happen in a way that children feel they belong
  • The setting children and youth are in can provide the supports they need

SCDP has several principles that govern how we work with families and child care partners to make inclusion a reality. Families know their children best and have the right and responsibility to make choices in the best interest of their children – and to have those choices respected. SCDP honors the family as a whole and works collaboratively with families to meet their unique needs.

SCDP programs have Local Advisory Committees (LACs) that involve parents and other key community and government partners in program planning, decision-making, and service delivery. A Provincial Steering Committee has been established to provide guidance and support at a provincial level.

SCD programs are located in communities throughout British Columbia. Participation is voluntary and SCDP services are free of charge. Learn more.