Tu'wusht Project
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The Tu’wusht Objective is to provide a safe cultural learning and sharing environment for community participants of all ages in food sustenance development activities.
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Seasonal Activities

Tu'wusht hosts 2 weekly activity days on Tuesdays and Fridays 50 weeks of the year.

There is an abundance of on-going activities and opportunities from season to season.

Spring: April-June

  • Blessing of the land ceremony community gathering and feast
  • greenhouse seeding & transplanting
  • garden building
  • direct seeding to earth
  • early harvesting
  • site maintenance eg. watering weeding
  • community kitchen

Summer: July-September

  • Weeding
  • watering
  • harvesting
  • winter crop planting
  • food preserving
  • berry picking
  • salmon procuring
  • cultural workshops
  • community kitchen

Fall: October-December

  • Harvest Feast gathering
  • harvesting
  • winter-land preparation
  • smoking salmon
  • cultural knowledge workshops
  • community kitchen

Winter: January-March

  • crop planning
  • land preparation
  • pit cooking
  • green house seeding & watering
  • site maintenance
  • smoking salmon
  • cultural knowledge workshops
  • community kitchen

Tu'wusht Project activities mainly take place at the UBC Farm which is on traditional Musqueam First Nations territory located at 3461 Ross Drive Vancouver (UBC South Campus).

Community built structures include a traditional smokehouse, tee pee and tool shed.

map ubc farm